The company was created to provide financial support to the Artchivium research project.
The services offered make available to public institutions and private foundations tools required to exploit and promote their cultural patrimony. Towards this end, Archivium s.r.l. offers a number of lines of action and collaboration which are independent and can be applied on the basis of specific needs: cataloging and historical/critical analysis of the art collections; management of historical archives; drawing up of inventories; consulting; art-related advertising and communication initiatives utilizing new technologies.

Identification of the specific historical/artistic characteristics of the works, creation of computerized tools for in-house data processing and creation of a free access online system for a broad-based audience are the company’s operational goals. The services provided by Artchivium s.r.l. have been designed and created to meet the needs of the client institution and combine analysis of art collections and archive resources with technology highly-specialized in capitalizing on cultural resources.

In December 2009, the company offered the first art-related application for iPhone, iPod Touch devices as official guides for exhibitions. The interest shown by the public and institutions has allowed Artchivium s.r.l. to propose a new project, the first of its kind in Italy, to create a mobile portal of multiplatform thematic applications. The i-MiBAC project has been supported and developed in collaboration with the Italian Ministry for Arts and Culture.